Kindle Pocket

So, Nat wanted a kindle cover that he could toss in his backpack when he felt like reading in style on the bus.  I attempted this project from Sara at the Spotted Fox because it mimics the shape of a pillowcase, which is about as simple as sewing gets.  

It's a great project for using up scrap fabric - I picked up some remnants of this checked material for basically pennies at the I.D.E.A. Store, which sells second-hand craft supplies to encourage recycling and donates the profit to local schools. 

Here's how to make your own:

Measure the width and height of your e-reader.  You want a piece of fabric the same width and twice the height of the kindle, adding an inch of margin to each side and two inches to the length.  Mine was about 18" by 6".  Cut out two pieces of fabric this size.

Then, cut two pieces of thick fabric or batting to the same size, to give the case some padding.  That's the blue fabric above.  Lay the padding fabric on the cover fabric, with the good side of the cover fabric out, and fold both pieces in half.  It should be in the shape of the fabric in the picture below.  Sew a seam along each of the three open edges.   

This is one side of the cover completed.  Repeat with the other pieces of fabric so that you have two pieces that look like the fabric in the picture above.  Then, lay the two pieces directly on top of each other, and  sew the three sides with seams together.  Clip the corners and turn it inside out.  The eraser end of a pencil  is great for poking those corners all the way out.  (Thanks for the tip, Amber!) 

And you're done!  It would also be simple to personalize the cover with more detail, but my guy doesn't want anyone to, you know, put a bird on it.

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