Wingback Chair Reupholstery: Inspiration & Fabric

Anthropologie, Josef Wing-back in Orange Flower

My mom has been editing her furniture lately, so she has been encouraging us to take extra pieces off her hands.  A certain wing back chair had been already been kicked out of the house and was headed for the curb, but I am scouting for furniture for our first place, and a bit nostalgic about a chair that was around for a lot of my childhood.   So, full of DIY spirit, I am attempting to salvage it.

The chair’s strong points are a hardwood frame and classic form.  The fabric was new in the late 1980s, and this chair has suffered through some heavy use, like the time that my younger brother stacked it high with floor pillows and repeatedly jumped off it until he broke his foot.   My first step is to find some new fabric.
Anthropologie, whose catalogues are one of the reasons I will probably never achieve zen-like contentment, has a knack for updating traditional chair designs with modern fabric.  The Josef Wing-back in Orange Flower has a lot of the qualities I am looking for: a bold graphic print, somewhat neutral colors, a natural motif. 
IKEA, Majken

I ended up choosing this Majken print from IKEA in a multi-purpose weight.  The berries in the pattern reminded me of one of the highlights of last summer, when Nat and I picked sixteen pounds of blueberries at a local u-pick farm last summer.  Also, I may be a complete amateur, but I know enough to avoid a fabric that requires matching patterns.    

We are far from an IKEA, and I was nervous about getting the fabric without seeing it in person - it was hard to say if the print was a good size for the project, and since it wasn’t upholstery weight, I knew I was taking a risk that the fabric wouldn’t work.  Luckily the chair was free and already assigned to the dumpster, so how badly can I mess things up?

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