Roasted Mushroom Quiche

Quick-roasting is becoming my go-to vegetable strategy, under the influence of Susie Middleton's Fast, Fresh & Green.  This was a fairly spontaneous dinner that only required a few relatively inexpensive pantry staples.  I'd like to take all the credit for dreaming it up, but the recipe is loosely modeled on this one from Epicurious - I am not the type of person who has quiche filling proportions memorized.

First, roast the mushrooms, and bake the empty pie crust in a pie dish.  These were just plain old white button mushrooms, sliced in half, tossed in enough olive oil to coat them, and salted.  The ready-made pie crust and mushrooms baked together in a 450 oven for twenty minutes. I didn't even bother turning the mushrooms.

When the mushrooms are finished, remove them from the oven and turn down the heat to 325.  You can leave the crust in the oven.

While the mushrooms and crust are baking, mix up a filling of eggs, cheese and cream or milk.  After tasting the finished product, I'm thinking that it might be worth it, actually, to memorize the ingredients: four eggs, a cup of rich dairy (I used half and half but you could also use part whole milk), and a cup and a half of cheese.

For cheese, I used a cup of Fontinella and half a cup of Chihuahua cheese.  Fontinella is a semi-hard and mildly tangy cow cheese, and queso chihuahua is a mild semi-soft melting cheese that we like to use on quesadillas.  It's named after a state in Mexico, not the dog.  I kept a little Fontinella back to sprinkle on the top of the unbaked quiche before putting it in the oven.

Take the crust out of the oven, pour in the filling and gently place the mushrooms in.  Mine floated!  I was so excited.  Does anyone know if this happens with sauteed mushrooms too?

Sprinkle the quiche with cheese, and bake it for 45 minutes, until the center of the filling is puffy.  We ate it with Nat's favorite salad, iceberg lettuce wedges with blue cheese dressing, and were pretty thrilled with our dinner. 

I'm headed back into the cookbook next, for a really fresh and delicious salad featuring roasted beet slices.

Have you noticed that bloggers who decide to cook through a cookbook often unconsciously save all the least appetizing recipes for last?  Slogging through the worst recipes at the end would make it hard to finish, and starting with the best recipes will also skew my perception of the cookbook, so I'm going to make an effort to face my fears.  I don't like cauliflower, so my fears are pretty much embodied by a certain roasted cauliflower dish with a weird olive dressing.

Um, wish me luck?  Everything else has been good so far, so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.


  1. That looks really delicious.

  2. This sounds fantastic! I love mushrooms but have never tried baking them by themselves like this. Will have to give this a try sometime!

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