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Here are some fantastic recipes that I've tried recently from other food blogs. 

Elana's chocolate cupcakes:  This was my first experience baking with coconut flour and agave nectar, and the cupcakes were delicious.  Have you ever tried baking with a flour other than wheat?

Light rye hamburger buns from From Away's ideal burger:  Here's my adaptation to make slider buns with an overnight fermentation.  I doubled the recipe, but only used 4 tsp yeast and 2 tsp salt.  (I'm guessing you could go down to 3 tsp. of yeast with no problem.)  I also added an extra 1/2 c. of water.  After mixing the dough 4 minutes and adding oil, then mixing 2 more minutes until combined, I put the dough in an oiled bowl in the fridge overnight.  It was very wet and sticky at this point because of the extra water, but after the overnight fermentation it was a model citizen.

The next day, I punched down the dough and let it come to room temperature for about an hour, shaped it into balls half the size that they recommended, and proofed until doubled (almost two hours). You can test the rolls by poking them.  If they are proofed, the indent from your finger will remain instead of springing back most of the way.  Then follow the recipe's directions for baking.

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