Worth Repeating

I like variety, but that can make me a spazz in the kitchen.  More than once I've made something totally delicious, never made it again, and eventually forgotten how to repeat it.  But there are a few fail-proof recipes that I keep going back to.

4.  Jim Lahey's No Work Bread.   An obvious choice, but if you haven't tried this yet, prepare to be amazed at the sudden leap forward in the quality of your baking and the total lack of effort and skill required.  I may very well never make another yeast bread.  The one drawback is that you need a dutch oven or another oven-safe container with a lid.

3. Enchilada sauce from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything in the World.  This recipe is slightly different from the one printed in my cookbook - I use six guajillo chiles instead of two, but it's not at all spicy once you take out the seeds.  I usually substitute canned tomatoes for fresh, but don't add any chicken stock to thin it.  You definitely need a food processor to make this.

2.  Roasted Broccoli with Lemon is so simple that you almost don't need a recipe, but it's delicious!

1.  Maple Granola from King Arthur's Flour Whole Grain Cookbook.  The low oven and long bake time  solved my problem of always burning the edges of the granola.   I've been eating it with the blueberries we picked at Pontious Farm last summer instead of stirring in dried fruit.  We eat this daily when it's around, and when it's gone... blame and sadness.  Honestly, we act like children fighting over the last bowl of sugar-blasted cereal.  So then I make more.

What recipes do you make over and over again?

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  1. I tried to make granola yesterday and yeah .... I burned it. This recipe looks good, though.


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