Speedy Stir-Fried Asparagus with Toasted Garlic

A family friend once tasted my mom's innocent-looking mashed potatoes, and immediately observed that "a little bit of garlic goes a long way."  It became a bit of a running joke for us to repeat this, because my mom does really love garlic as a seasoning for savory foods.  Be warned!  This recipe does not follow our friend's garlic-in-moderation line of thinking.

You Deserve Flowers, but You're Getting Asparagus

Which is just as good, because it's really delicious braised asparagus.  Look how tender and bendy the spears got in the wine and chicken stock.  But it's not a bland dish, what with the Dijon mustard and thyme.  The one limitation of this recipe is that it doesn't make more, and that is really the fault of my pan, not the recipe.

Kitchen Fails: Boston Cream Pie in the Night

This is the first in a series of personal stories about embarrassing failures in the kitchen that were part of learning to cook.  I've been baking a lot of cake and cupcakes recently, including the German Chocolate Cake above (recipe soon!).  So it seemed appropriate to start with a cake story nominally connected to Boston, where I may eventually give Boston Cream Pie another chance.


We found an apartment for next year!  Unfortunately the snapshots that we have don't do justice to the interesting architectural quirks and floor plan, so instead, here are some ideas I have for decorating....