The Perfect August Salad

This recipe was a team effort.  We made it before we moved with the help of some friends who brought over homemade pesto.  It's full of veggies that are in season right now, and really easy.

Kitchen Fails: Less is More

Kitchen Fails is a series about how I once had no idea what I was doing in the kitchen, and managed to survive through all the grease fire and pyrex shrapnel and sharp knives that were involved in learning, until I eventually came to have great satisfaction in my amazing culinary skills.* 

*Except for when the stories are about a cooking disaster from last week.  

Before and After: Built in Cabinet

I loved this apartment right away because of the built-in cabinets.  It helps that it's also in a great location, has lots of space, and the landlord put in a brand new dishwasher, but when I saw this china hutch I knew right away that I wanted to live here and what my first project would be.

Work in Progress

Hey there!  It's been a bit.  I've been wanting to tell you about our new place, but...there was the fact that both of us got bad colds for a week in the middle of moving.  And there was the last minute decision to part with our car for the winter and maybe longer, which meant a spontaneous car trip out of state and train ride back. Followed by some mild panic about where to buy things like hangers now that I can't drive to superstores.
But also the camera was lost, until today, when I got annoyed with some boxes of clothes that we can't put away, because we don't have hangers yet, and while hauling them to the closet found the camera.

Setting up our apartment right now is going a lot like making this terrine, which is my first cooking project since the move.  It's an unfamiliar process with a lot of steps, I had to spend some time visiting different stores to collect all the ingredients, but when it's finished I hope for lots of long-term enjoyment.  Also, I am not currently capable of making the terrine or the apartment look delicious on camera.  

At least the kitchen is on its way to orderly and serene!