Before and After: Built in Cabinet

I loved this apartment right away because of the built-in cabinets.  It helps that it's also in a great location, has lots of space, and the landlord put in a brand new dishwasher, but when I saw this china hutch I knew right away that I wanted to live here and what my first project would be.

Well, our first project after assembling IKEA furniture, unpacking boxes, and cutting our boxes into squares 2'x2' so they can be disposed of here.  My first project that was any fun.

I bought a paint pod, from Ace Hardware, in the color Peace River.  I didn't actually bring my inspiration mug to the store to match the color, I just eye-balled it, and.... this may have been a mistake.  My supplies cost about $12.

As a bonus, I also figured out where to buy hangers on this shopping trip.  The grocery store.  Go figure.

Before painting, I cleaned all the surfaces, for the second time, and was surprised at how dirty it still was - as in, the color of the ivory paint on the walls was actually several shades lighter than I thought.  Then I taped the areas that I wanted to leave unpainted.  If you're worried about paint leaking under the tape, you can run the bowl of a spoon over the tape to press it down more firmly.

 It's almost certainly easier to paint the shelves along with the walls, but I wanted to see how far I could get with a limited quantity of paint.  Also, I was probably unconsciously influenced by the cover of this book.

When I started painting I realized that tame looking Peace River was going to dry a shade more Aegean Ocean on me.  I think this may happen to people a lot.  Ergo the availability of paint samples.  I decided to keep going in the hopes that putting lots of white dishes in front of it would tone the color down.

Two coats later, I ended up with a color that I'm happy with.  Not only that, but I noticed after painting that the cabinet has been light blue before, and so the color in the vintage wear on the door match the interior!  Totally did not do that on purpose, but I was geeked about it.

I'm pretty happy with how it shows off my dishes.

In some lights the color is intense, but the shadowy cabinet makes it a little less explosive. For people who like their before and after shots to be from the same angle


And after.

What do you think?  Got any painting projects of your own going on?

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  1. Love it! Wish we had built-in anything out here to paint...right now, we're just sticking with repainting the filthy white bedroom walls back to clean white. sigh.


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