Kitchen Fails: Mix by Hand

Photo by Hello Turkey Toe

As someone who enjoys the history of words, I find it particularly funny that the phrase "mix by hand" really means no such thing.  I'll explain for any non-cooks out there: in the context of a recipe, it's a way of abbreviating "stir with a spoon instead of potentially over-beating the batter with a machine mixer of some sort."

And when I was nine, my mom found it particularly funny to come into the kitchen and find me elbow deep in a bowl, both hands covered in lumpy coca-cola chocolate cake batter.

Sauteed Broccoli and Prosciutto

Adjustments are happening around here - most obviously a new look for the blog, but also learning by trial and error to photograph what I cook in a new lighting situation, and in a season less generous with daylight hours.

Summer Vegetable and Tomato Tian with Parmesan Bread Crumbs

Roasted tomatoes, toasty cheese and crunchy bread belong together.  Grilled cheese with with a slice of fresh tomato inside?  Bruschetta with tomato?  This strata?  Yes please, especially when there is a layer of caramelized onions hidden underneath the tomatoes.

Spicy Mustard Greens with Ginger-Garlic Cream

I've been having a string of bad luck in the kitchen.  This dish turned out great, but when I tried to adapt the recipe to a faster cooking green (calaloo/asian spinach, pictured above), I wandered off and burned my first attempt into a disgusting mess.  Yesterday I made the ugliest blueberry muffins ever, which turned grey-green from blueberry juice and were missing an ingredient.  And for dinner there was also an almost inedible lemon chicken dish that came out tasting strongly of bitter pith instead of zest.