Kitchen Fails: Mix by Hand

Photo by Hello Turkey Toe

As someone who enjoys the history of words, I find it particularly funny that the phrase "mix by hand" really means no such thing.  I'll explain for any non-cooks out there: in the context of a recipe, it's a way of abbreviating "stir with a spoon instead of potentially over-beating the batter with a machine mixer of some sort."

And when I was nine, my mom found it particularly funny to come into the kitchen and find me elbow deep in a bowl, both hands covered in lumpy coca-cola chocolate cake batter.

Of course, being willing to get my hands dirty served me well later for making bread, and I am not the only person who has ever been overly literal in my interpretation of this phrase.  I blame the industrial revolution.

Do you like to get your hands into your food?  Or are you one of those prissy mixing spoon users?

Kitchen Fails is a series about how I once had no idea what I was doing in the kitchen, and managed to survive through all the grease fire and pyrex shrapnel and sharp knives that were involved in learning, until I eventually came to have great satisfaction in my amazing culinary skills.* 

*Except for when the stories are about a cooking disaster from last week. 


  1. I used to be more of a "by hand" girl, but now I even use my kitchenaid to knead my bread. My hands are full of kiddos right now!=)

  2. Yeah, hands covered in dough are not good for quick interventions in baby exploring.

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