Primal Party: Thanksgiving Menu

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Do you have a plan for Thanksgiving yet?   I have some suggestions!

Our favorite turkey recipe, for its citrus flavor and crispy skin.  When I say irresistible, you should imagine us crowding around this turkey when it came out of the oven, sneaking dainty samples at first, but then not able to stop pulling off chunks to eat.  We honestly ate dinner with our fingers right there, even though I was raised to pretend to have manners.  Don't judge.  More importantly, don't forget to thaw and get some salt in that bird ahead of time.

Gluten-free gravy!  via Serious Eats


Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Orange Butter

Tiny Roasted Root Vegetables

Mashed Cauliflower

Cranberry Orange Relish  Cranberries definitely need some sugar, but oranges will add natural sweetness.  Try adding in half of the suggested amount of sugar, tasting and adjusting from there.

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Pumpkin Custard via Food Renegade, with real whipped cream + brandy.

Ripe pears with a creamy cheese

Roasted Almonds  You know that amazing smell you get walking past a roasted nut stand?  Make these and your whole house will smell like that.  (You can reduce the sugar or use a substitute.  While I was going through a sugar substitute phase, I successfully used Truvia for half of the sugar.)

Today I'm grateful for a delicious homemade latte, a sunny day, the easy comfortable feeling of being with friends, and for the Harvest Dinner we're headed to tonight!

What are you hoping to make or eat for Thanksgiving?

This post is part of a roundup of posts by real food bloggers called Fight Back Friday.

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