World's Easiest Ham

If the presentation of a traditional holiday ham is Megan Fox on the red carpet, this looks something more like Britney Spears caught walking her dog in sweats and no makeup.  The ham falls apart into chunks and threadlike shreds, like BBQ, from being slowly braised.  The surrounding water turns pink.  This may not be a main dish you make to impress company, but it makes a ton of tasty meat.

The recipe is basically what you see in the picture above.  I put a ham butt of about 7 lbs in our 6 quart Le Creuset, and covered it halfway with about 4 cups of water.  I had to trim the ham a bit to get the lid on.  Then, it went into a 275 oven for 5 hours.  My mom sometimes has left the ham in overnight at 250, which will make it fall apart a bit more.

Mom got the recipe from a neighbor, Mrs. K.  Once, my sister, a friend and I went on an expedition through the corn fields between our house and hers.  It turns out that in Ohio, being able to see a house doesn't mean that it is close by.  By the time we arrived at Mrs. K's house, we were exhausted.  She seemed unfazed by three children showing up via the back field, gave us something to eat, and most importantly, drove us home.  Good neighbor.

For reference, here's the meat I started with:

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