One Dish Meal: Satay Shrimp & Roasted Cabbage

It's cool most days here, so my dinner cooking is still very dependent on roasting.  A March article in Bon Appetit was the inspiration for cooking both shrimp and cabbage on one baking sheet, pairing up a roasted vegetable with a main that can also be roasted, quickly, once the cabbage is done.

Roasted cabbage slices are mildly sweet and nutty, while still maintaining some crunch.  You can follow this basic recipe for roasted cabbage slices, but I also flipped them to encourage browning on both sides.  When you're roasting you don't want to pile the veggies on top of each other too much, but you can fit enough food for two on one big baking sheet.  Once the cabbage slices begin to brown and soften, you can scootch them over to make room for the shrimp.

For the shrimp, I followed this recipe for a satay marinade, but roasted the shrimp on the same pan, at the same 400 degree temperature as the cabbage, until they were pink and firm.

The combination of shrimp and roasted cabbage reminded me of the sweetness of dishes with peanut sauce.  Toss together the cabbage and shrimp, and top them with a sprinkle of chopped peanuts and a squeeze of lime, and possibly a dab of fish or soy sauce.

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