Good Problems

Hey, thanks for hanging in there with the blog.  I am still doing some food-related show-and-tell, but finding other venues more fun than blogger.

This year I found various forms of micro-blogging, and realized that most of what I have to say about food is "yum!" or "Look, I made this!"  And sometimes the thought of writing up something substantial to go with that simple message took the fun out of the original experience.

Also, fitting in to a particular corner of the food/writing world is limiting.  I am tired of putting more effort into manufacturing a narrative about my life with images and words than I did into actually making food.

Most importantly, I'm finally getting busy with life here, and finding work that I like.

So, look!  I made baked oatmeal.  Yum.

See you on Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook.  :)

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